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How Can IT Outsourcing Improve Your Bottom Line?
Small and mid-size businesses in the NY Tri-State Area call NCIC when they need affordable IT management, support and help desk services. NCIC offers full-service IT outsourcing that gives you timely access to technical expertise without requiring you to support and manage a full in-house IT staff. 

When you choose NCIC as your IT business partner, you get professional expert service and personal attention from a highly trained technical and customer service staff. Combining 15 years of IT management experience with a cutting-edge technology infrastructure, we deliver on-target solutions that keep your systems up and running, day or night. 

On-Site Service

On-Site Service

Though many IT problems can be solved by phone or remote access, sometimes you just need hands-on computer and network support. Some maintenance services cannot be done remotely like installations and upgrades. With personal on-site visits, we can maintain a working knowledge of your IT structures and address IT concerns to prevent system problems and network downtime before they happen. 

NCIC's expert technical support team has provided fast on-site service to small and mid-size businesses in the NY Tri-state Area for over 25 years since 1991. 

Hardware Management

Your IT investment grows as your company's IT structure changes to accommodate your business needs. You invest in hardware applications, storage and databases to streamline workflow and improve productivity and you need that hardware to work at its peak while running applications and storing the generated data. 

That's why we take a "start from the ground up" approach to managing your hardware. Especially for companies with multiple hardware vendors, it's crucial that we understand the performance and availability of the hardware running your applications. Because without reliable hardware to perform critical business applications, you just can't do business. 


Help Desk support

Help Desk support
Studies show that only a small percentage of help desk service requests are resolved on the first call. It's no surprise that customers rarely have a positive image of help desks. If your current IT consulting company is steadily losing ground keeping up your IT support needs or if you are not getting help desk support at all, NCIC's Help Desk Support is the affordable and smart solution.
NCIC Help Desk Support offers three flexible ways you can receive the IT support you need 24/7 without blowing your budget 

Phone Support
Email Support
Remote Support


Network/Internet Security

94% of the respondents in a recent FBI survey reported computer virus incursions. 40% detected system penetrations from outside their networks and viruses and hacking are on the rise. Threats include data loss caused by malicious intent, Internet-based worms, denial-of-service, virus attacks, security compromises by internal sources, and penetration attacks aimed at stealing or damaging your valuable assets. 

Managing and coordinating virus protection, detection and defense along with the recovery of critical systems requires an on-going effort that entails a variety of tools, procedures, and policies. Security can be overwhelming, but we can help.

Data, Voice, Security Wiring

Our Cisco certified network engineers and wiring technicians are highly trained and take responsibility of your network wiring project from the design phase to premise wiring, hardware installation, testing, tuning, documentation and management. We combine superior workmanship with high quality cost-effective products to design and implement cabling systems that deliver reliability and performance. 

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